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Getting married at Gallery Klooster

Located in a church building by the sea. Filled with art and interior design.

Gallery Klooster in the former 'Church and Chapel at the sea' are an inspiring decor for the most beautiful day on which your love is officially sealed.



Our professional styling team has blended the traditional atmosphere of a church with modern art and design.


The gallery offers the unique possibility of getting married in one location, both church and civil, plus hosting receptions, dinners and parties. We can even ring the church bells for you!

On D-day, our team will ensure that everything is optimally arranged with 'monastic dedication'.

Capacity & Features

Church 350 m2
• Ceremony: 220 guests
• Reception / drinks: 250 guests
• Sitting dinner: 200 guests
• Walking dinner: 250 guests
• Party night: 250 guests

Chapel 200 m2

• Ceremony: 180 guests

• Reception / drinks: 200 guests

• Sitting dinner: 120 guests

• Walking dinner: 200 guests

• Party night: 200 guests

Features Gallery Klooster

• Historic location with modern furnishings
• Located 100 meters from the beach
• Three minutes walk from the major hotels
• Sufficient surrounding parking facilities
• Exclusive right
• Civil & ecclesiastical marriage
• Professional styling team
• High service level
• Own catering possible
• Customized quote
• Experienced location manager
• Representative catering staff


For every wedding, we have to convert our furniture store and gallery into an event location. Therefore, the minimum buy-out price is € 3000. A number of packages are listed below. These are there to give you a price indication. Every wedding is different. That is why we are happy to discuss your wishes. Based on this, we prepare an offer.



1 hour | 100 guests

Includes: venue rental, furniture, microphone, colored runner, staff, outfitting and cleaning

v.a. €1500,-


Party night

4 hours | 100 guests

Contains, location rental, furniture, crockery, small snacks and table salt, late night snack, drinks, small flower decorations, mood lighting, staff, set- up and cleaning costs

v.a.€95,- p.p



1.5 hours | 100 guests

Includes: venue rental, furniture, dishes, drinks, mini wedding cake & treats, snacks & table salt, small flower decorations, staff, finishing and cleaning

v.a.€65,- p.p



Entire day

The example below assumes 40 day guests and 100 evening guests. Interpretation and planning are flexible.

v.a.€185,- p.p



2.5 hours | 100 guests

Contains: location rental, furniture, crockery, 3 course dinner, drinks, small flower decorations, staff, set-up, dismantling and cleaning costs.

v.a.€95,- p.p

We are happy to show you the venue.

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